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December 2008
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Let there be light

Tomo came down to Nagoya for a short weekend and we decided to go to the Kobe ルミナリエ (illumination, or Christmas lights). Tomo has been before, and we thought it would be fun to run down there on the train, catch the lights, and head back to Nagoya because we had some things we were trying to accomplish. It seems everyone else was trying to visit the illumination as well because the queue was incredibly long.

Here the crowd sweeps back on itself.

Oh, the humanity.

And here it just seems to go on, and on, and on.

Oh, the humanity.

And the sign really says about 90 minutes from here. And I do believe it was close to 90 minutes from that point.

Only 90 minutes from here


Fortunately, along the way, there was a little bit of a pre-show with well lit streets and department stores.

Daimaru department store in Motomachi


Only 90 minutes from here

We were fortunate to even get a little bit of Engrish along the way. Maybe Flench is a more appropriate title instead of English. I’ve never been to a place called “Tooth Tooth” in France. Tomo noted that it looked more like a “Salon Dethe” instead of “Salon de The.” I guess you have to watch your spaces.

What kind of Patisserie?  What kind of Cafe?


We finally got there though, and the show was pretty spectacular.


The view is better up high

I found the glow from all the cameras to be a show itself. And it seems most of those are from cell phones. Japanese LOVE cell phone cameras!

The electronic glow


Tomo didn’t mind taking pictures, nor did other visitors.

Tomo taking a picture


Just the right picture


I enjoyed the reflection off the Louis Vuitton shop.

Louis Vuitton


Here is what everyone came for:








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