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December 2008
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A normal day

I am strangely content tonight. That’s especially strange since I just got home at about 8:30 pm after leaving for work at 6:45 am. I worked at full day, had some dinner, went shopping, and now I am doing laundry. Always and forever laundry.

Working today actually was not that bad. I knew I had to go in, so my mind was already prepared. I also knew few people would be in, so I had a chance to do some things I needed to do. And I did. I crossed some things off my list that had been on there way too long. Unfortunately, I barely got to the list but I’ll think about that later.

The weather has turned really cold here – well not REALLY cold but compared to LA it is cold. I’ve been searching for a knit cap / beanie / stocking cap / sock cap whatever you want to call it thingy. Conveniently, underground near the subway station, there is a row of outdoor geared shops (Columbia, The North Face, etc). I just bopped back and forth to find the acceptable cap. I found an adequate one and bought it. Of course, I forgot that there is a Patagonia shop just down the street and a Gap nearby as well. I guess you can never have too many knit caps / beanies / stocking caps / sock caps whatever you want to call it thingies.

I also did some Christmas shopping, successfully I might add. Tonight felt good because I was able to use Japanese well enough while shopping that my questions were understood, that my needs were met, and no one laughed and I didn’t get frustrated.

Now, as the hour approaches 9:00 pm, I am quite happy to be sitting at home. I’ve got the floor turned on, sitting in a hoodie, doing laundry, and working on my blog. Pretty soon I’ll stare at my monitor and watch Ugly Betty courtesy of iTunes. What more can an ex-pat wish for?

Tomorrow my big plans are to rest, relax, get my hair cut, and check out the sale at Bo Concept. I wonder if they have blankets? I need something for the couch in the cold.

That’s it. No photos, no stories bordering on hyperbole. Just life.