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July 2008
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A little homesick

I’m typing this entry as I sit in the green car of a Tokyo / Hiroshima shinkansen. I’ll be rolling in to Nagoya from Shinagawa in 1:34. A quick run on a very, very fast train. Green car is the equivalent to first class. It isn’t that much more and it is a little easier to deal with on a very busy holiday weekend.

I was able to enjoy a long weekend away from Nagoya and for the most part away from the influence of work. It was so nice to be in Tokyo and being with friends who have known me for a while and who are not work colleagues. Tokyo feels like home to me. Although I like where I live in Nagoya, it doesn’t have the “home is where the heart is” feeling of Tokyo yet. I miss my friends and having a network outside of work to get me away from work. This weekend I also saw a movie that takes place primarily in San Pedro. The location was important to the movie, and it also made me feel homesick for Southern California. I really like living in LA. There are few places or reasons to take me away. This opportunity to live in Japan is one of those things.

Last week was a stressful week for a variety of reasons that are not really a part of what I want to write about for all to read. Don’t worry, fair reader, it is nothing too serious. Just kind of a convergence of things to make me stop and think.

The upcoming week has the potential to allow me to catch up on some stuff at work so I am grateful for that. All that could change the moment I turn on my computer or walk in the door on Tuesday (whichever comes first).

Wouter arrives from Spain on Friday. My first visitor and I am very excited! Both of us have been so busy that we’ve made no plans for his visit. Will I be in Tokyo next weekend? Will I go to Kyoto? Hiroshima? Or just hang around Nagoya? Will I rent a car and road trip it somewhere? Ah, the possibilities!

NOTE: This wasn’t actually posted until Tuesday night because – GASP! – my internet was down last night. Oh no! I was lost. LOST! I got a colleague from the office near my apartment to come over and sit on the phone with Tech Support and help me debug. There’s a box in a closet with a modem that lost power. Go figure!

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